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Essence of Davana

Essence of Davana

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Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of 'Essence of Davana,' a signature fragrance from COSA CASA that embodies luxury and mystery. This fragrance commences with the vibrant, citrusy notes of Italian Bergamot, intertwined with the subtle yet invigorating spice of Pink Pepper, setting the stage for a sensory journey of contrast and harmony.

As the scent evolves, it reveals a heart rich in complexity and sophistication. White Amber and African Rosemary meld seamlessly, their warm and aromatic notes conjuring images of ancient, sun-drenched lands. The addition of Oud, a prized ingredient in perfumery, brings a luxurious depth, reminiscent of the opulent and lush forests of the East.

The journey culminates in a base that is both elegant and enduring. Refined Musk and supple Leather blend with the earthy tones of Vetiver from Haiti, creating a base that is both grounding and sublime. This thoughtful composition of 'Essence of Davana' results in a balanced and harmonious blend, a fragrance that evolves with you throughout the day.

Essence of Davana is more than a fragrance; it is an olfactory narrative that enhances your presence, leaving an indelible impression that oscillates between the exotic and the familiar. Crafted for those who have an appreciation for the finer things and the artistry behind them, this COSA CASA scent stands as a symbol of elegance and discernment.

Adorn your senses with the Essence of Davana, and embrace the luxury of carrying with you an aura of distinction and sophistication.

Ingredients : 

TOP :       Davana, Italian Bergamot, Pink Pepper
HEART:  White Amber, African Rosemary, Oudus
BASE:    Musk, Leather, Vetiver Haiti


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