Our Story

Rooted in a rich legacy of perfumery, COSA CASA was born from the visionary minds of three brothers: Mohammed, Ahmed, and Ali. Initiated under BK Trading in 2014, the trio embarked on a journey, starting as distributors of a local brand, UNO, in the UAE. Fueled by passion, knowledge, and the foundational support of their father's perfume manufacturing expertise, they not only flourished in the perfume sector but also expanded their horizon, introducing several local brands and earning recognition across the Gulf region.

Their pursuit of excellence led to the creation of a luxury perfume brand, Alshamtri, elevating the family's legacy in the fragrance industry. 

Yet, it was their dedication to creating lasting memories that birthed Debora, a brand dedicated to crafting memorable giveaways for special occasions. COSA CASA, inspired by this heritage of craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit, is a testament to the brothers' dedication to excellence, artistry, and creating enduring value.

Brand Inspiration:

At the heart of COSA CASA lies the inspired notion of "House of Things" — a philosophy that shapes our identity and guides our design. We celebrate the tactile allure of textures and the finesse of modern treatments to craft an aesthetic that is contemporary yet timeless. Our emblematic logo is a mark of distinction, harmonizing with the brand's ethos. The selection of a subdued taupe palette further accentuates the natural elegance of our collection, ensuring that each COSA CASA piece not only stands out but also seamlessly integrates into the sophisticated spaces of those who choose them.