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Luna Ring Vase

Luna Ring Vase

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Step into a world where artistic flair meets functional elegance with the Luna Ring Vase from COSA CASA. This vase is a testament to imaginative design, featuring a bold circular cut-out that echoes the mystical allure of the moon. Its unique shape allows for an interplay of light and shadow, casting an ever-evolving display that captivates and intrigues.

Crafted from the finest Emirates clay, known for its robust quality, and fused with transparent glass, the Luna Ring Vase is a marvel of craftsmanship. Fired at an intense 1200°C, the vase achieves a remarkable fusion of resilience and aesthetic grace, ensuring it stands the test of time as a cherished piece in your collection.

More than a mere vessel for floral arrangements, the Luna Ring Vase is a striking conversation starter. Its avant-garde design adds a contemporary edge to traditional decor, making it a standout addition to any space. Whether it's gracing a tabletop or serving as a centerpiece, the Luna Ring Vase promises to infuse your home with an air of sophistication and modern elegance.

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